Bollywood actresses look old in front of their husbands, See Pictures


Love sees neither age nor caste, nor small or big, love is blind, you must have heard this line saying in films, but this line fits perfectly on these actresses in real life. They loved, did not see whether they were small or big. Today, let us tell about some such actresses, who have married their young boy.

Recently Bollywood and Hollywood actress Priyanka Chopra married American singer Nick Jonas. Last year, the marriage of both of them made a lot of headlines. Let us tell you, Nick Jonas is 10 years younger than Priyanka in age. While the actress is 36 years old, Nick is 26 years old. When both of them got married, people made a lot of jokes about the difference between their ages. Today both the people are very happy in their life.

Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai got married in the year 2007. Aishwarya is two years older than Abhishek. Aishwarya's age is 45 years while Abhishek's age is 43 years. Despite this, there is a very good understanding between the two and both are very happy in their life.

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